La Vigne

Situated on the hillside of a volcanic crater surrounding the historical town of Rodelle, south of France. An old barn (1700) and a vineyard was given to our client as inheritance from his grandfather.

Traveling most of the year the client was in need of a base, and wanted the barn to be a cabin and a studio.

The new cabin will be placed in the middle of the old building, on top of the existing wooden beams, not touching the existing stone walls. This secures access to the existing construction for maintenance and repair. 

A technical core divides the two main rooms: bedroom/studio and kitchen/dining. The staircase gives access to the rooftop for both recreation and roof repair. 


Where: Rodelle, south of France

What: Cabin

Size: m2


+47 988 80 689

Schweigaards gate 34 C

0191 Oslo